Calm and balance your mind and body

Its all about getting the balance right in your life…
different Yin yoga poses stimulate and remove blockages in your meridians which ultimately balances the body’s internal organs and systems.

Benefits of Yin Yoga
Balance your mind and body
Reduce stress and anxiety
Increases circulation and flexibility
Improves joint mobility and flow of chi
What is Yin Yoga?
A contemplative, mat based practice.  We use breath and gravity to drop into our shape and ourselves, Gently tugging at connective tissues, fascia, muscles and targeting specific meridians to connect with our inner and outer worlds.  A practice open to all abilities, modifications always available.
Who is Yin Yoga for?

If you need more energy or if you feel over-stimulated and have too much energy. If you want to find balance and harmony.

The impact on your body
If you softly stretch and move into a yin pose, you will be gently stressing the tissues and muscles, to improve your overall well being.
The impact on your mind
Yin yoga gives you the time and space to allow feelings to surface and to gain perspective on these thoughts and emotions.
Tips for practicing Yin Yoga
Work with your body to find the right balance. Consciously try to release into the pose, and to remain still, without fidgeting or shifting position too much.
August 2019 August 2019, dates to be advised Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre, Catchpin Street, Buckingham MK18, 7RR £10
This Summer School will comprise of meditation, yin postures, meridian theory relating to organ health and contemplation.
Please bring along with you your mats, bolsters, blankies, blocks, eyebags and anything else you enjoy to enhance your practice. There will be some props and bolsters if you dont have your own.
I look forward to welcomming you

Yin is a yoga practice open to all, please contact me if you have any concerns.

FB: Blue Sky with Kathy Santiago

Life-enhancing practice with an inspirational teacher. J

Buckingham Student

Kathy is an amazing teacher, truly a 'Mind, Body, Spirit' experience. S

Buckingham Student

You are invited to Yoga in the Garden, on the last August bank holiday.

We will practice meditation, followed by a gentle Yin and Yang sequence. Open to all, Families welcome. The event is weather dependent and will be cancelled if wet. Pay on the day in case it’s raining – just let me know if you will be coming by clicking ‘interested’ on FB or send a message on Contact page.
Please bring your mats. Refreshments afterwards and of course there will be cake

Suggested contribution £10.00

Available for everyone and all levels of yoga practitioners are welcome.