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A Few Words About Kathy

Yoga & meditation have been part of Kathy’s life for many years. She has taught in South Africa, Europe, Middle East & UK. Over the past four years she has focused on studying Yin Yoga with Sarah Lo and Sarah Powers. In May 2018, Kathy completed her Level lll Insight Yoga Yin Teacher Training with Sarah Powers. She teaches in Stony Stratford, Old Stratford, Hanslope, Buckingham and just outside Bicester, and is assistant to Sarah Lo on her Yin Teacher Training. Kathy is a Senior Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance UK.

Kathy’s first Yoga teacher training began in South Africa with the Sivananda School. She later took instruction from Rollo Goldfoot, and was invited to join the South African Yoga Teachers Fellowship.  Her yoga teaching and studies have taken her to many countries. Whilst she was in the Middle East she had the priveledge of teaching with Renshi Renjith of Kshaarta Yoga.   She is now based in the UK, and travels to teach in South Africa.


Kathy is a passionate artist working in mixed media on handmade paper.
She has a Fine Art degree, and has participated in exhibitions internationally.  Her works are available as original or in limited edition prints. Her work is quirky, and poignant.  Her themes are taken from life experience and her studies. Her 2006 painted cake cookbook, Everlasting Cakes has achieved worldwide acclaim.  The accompanying animated movie BURP was awarded the 702Podcast prize in 2010.
Our three main practices
Yin Yoga
Yin is a mat-based practice, focusing on holding a shape for three to five minutes as the muscles release, joints expand and body sinks to the power of breath and gravity.  It is focused on the yin organs and their yang pairs, shapes target the associated meridians to revive and stimulate chi/energy, as well as contemplate their energetic properties.
Hatha Yoga
Hatha, a traditional approach to yoga position with breath and movement.  An opportunity to challenge and explore our bodies and mind. Yoga postures are taught in accommodation with the individuals’ body abilities and stitched together in a movement sequence.  Practice ends with optional inversion and deep rest.
Sitting silent and peaceful, with the gift of breath. Instruction in both shamata (breath awareness) and vipassana (deeper inquiry). Finding the most comfortable way for the body to sit or lie without interruption. Once this foundation has been established, the breath witnessing begins. GHATIKA time of six, twelve or twenty-four minutes is applied, allowing brain waves to settle and subtle energies to do a full body circuit.
What People Say About Us

Life-enhancing practice with an inspirational teacher. J

Buckingham Student

Kathy is an amazing teacher, truly a 'Mind, Body, Spirit' experience. S

Buckingham Student

Very worthwhile hour & half  Mind & Body renewal!

Buckingham Student

Kathy is a noticeably caring teacher who provides and interesting and varied Yoga class.

Buckingham Student
The Little YogaClub with a Big Heart!
Yoga has been for Kathy, her foundation and rock.  It was through challenging times that her Yoga supported and nourished her.  This love of yoga inspired her to study and teach, so that others too can enjoy and benefit from the practices of yoga and meditation.  
Skills and Experience
Hatha Yoga100%
Yin Yoga100%